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Con Tempo LED ( BVP260 LED130/ NW 150W 220-240V S) Philips
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Kemas & PengirimanCon Tempo LED (BVP260 LED130/NW 150W 220-240V S) Philips
Negara AsalChina
ConTempo LED
ConTempo LED is a general purpose LED flood lighting luminaire for various lighting
applications, such as area lighting, bill board, faç ade, industry area, and other general
applications. The conTempo LED flood light incorporates LED light sources, optical system,
heat sink and drivers into one compact housing. Its special designed heat sink incorporates
aesthetics and functionality, which ensures the LEDs have a long lifetime. ConTempo LED
takes advantage of the LED technology which provides energy savings and a longer lifetime,
bringing area lighting into a new era.

Features and benefits
Energy saving: system efficacy reaches 90lm/ w, which gives 30% of energy saving when compare to
conventional flood light.
Free from lamp replacement: Lifetime reaches 50, 000 hours at B50L70, which requires no lamp replacement
after installation.
Low maintenance cost: IP65 housing ensures low maintenance with no need for internal cleaning, resulting in
a lower total cost of ownership.
Flexibility on lighting application: Optical beam choice of symmetric and asymmetric fulfills majority needs of
lighting application.
Good reliability: Painted non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and painted stainless steel bracket gives
extra strength when the luminaire is installed in a rough environment.
Easy installation and maintenance: Universal U shape mounting bracket.